Visitors should contact our Secretary Andy Suhr at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to ascertain the validity of future meetings.




FC Degree

27th January | 15:30

MM Degree

24th February | 15:30

FC Degree

23th March | 15:30

EA Degree

27th April | 15:30

MM Degree

18th May | 15:30

MM Degree

29th June | 15:30

FC Degree and Business Meeting

28th September | 15:30

EA Degree

19th October | 15:30

Esoteric (Installed Masters only)

29th November | 19:30

Installation Meeting (EA, FC, MM)

30th November | 15:30

Lighting the Christmas Tree

14th December | 19:00


 Note: Please note that we will be having Social Events if circumstances and location permit. Dates to be announced later.